1. Thom Yorke - 'There Is No Ice (For My Drink'

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  2. Lazy Oaf 2014 Winter “Midnight Lizard” Lookbook


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  3. Brian Housden House, inspired by Aldo van Eyck, 1965. A gem in concrete & homage to De Stijl. Hampstead, London. Photos: Charles Hosea

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  4. Clown and Circus Tent, 1958

    Photo by Bruce Davidson

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  5. Salvador Dali in New York City, 1936

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  7. l-homme-que-je-suis:

    Mateusz Anacki in “Last Breath of Summer” Photographed by Wojciech Jachyra and Styled by Dorian Dandis

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  10. Aerial Shot of Muhammed Ali after knocking out Cleveland Williams in 1966.

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  13. Georg Fritzsche, three part mask, 1726. Porcelain. Meissen. Probably for Pulcinella of Commedia dell’Arte. Via skd.museum

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  14. Toshirō Mifune as Kikuchiyo in Seven Samurai, aka 七人の侍 (1954)

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  15. 5th Street Gym in Miami, Florida by Nathan Benn

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